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FI Luanda launches a partnership with SIP Management

The SIP Management Platform  and Founder Institute Luanda (FI Luanda) sign a partnership to promote the importance of the potential of Intellectual Property for Startups and the local Innovation Ecosystem. 

 "This partnership fits the purpose of the acceleration program for startups. The FI Luanda, betting on the talent of entrepreneurs to the service of solving problems using new technologies, creating innovative products and services, one of the characteristic differential of startups. We believe it is of utmost importance that entrepreneurs understand the role of IP for companies, that by protecting IP authorship, they are protecting one of the most important assets of the company, an asset that constitutes a competitive advantage”. Haymée Cogle – Managing Director, FI Luanda

SIP Management is a digital platform for Intellectual Property (IP), which provides entrepreneurs and teams, the tools and support services they need to achieve their full potential in managing Intellectual Property, thus facilitating to easily protect, manage and monetize creative work and other IP assets.

 "SIP Management's mission is to bring efficiency and optimization to the intellectual property market and to provide our partners with streamlined access to tools and expertise needed to achieve their IP goals. The partnership with FI Luanda, Angola chapter of the largest accelerator of pre-seed startups in the world, will allow entrepreneurs and startups in Angola to know and benefit from the contents and services of our platform”. Martial Medi, CEO and Founder of SIP Management. 

FI Luanda, through its web portal will provide and share content aimed to educate about Intellectual Property and best management practices, as well as promoting the connection between entrepreneurs and local IP experts with international experts.


FI Luanda